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Spring Maintenance (EXTENDED TO APRIL 30!):

$350 Outboard Maintenance Package:

We will perform the following maintenance items:

  • Replace water pump impeller. Housing replaced where required
  • Replace spark plugs with the brand recommended for your engine
  • Change oil & filter (4-stroke)
  • Drain & refill lower unit gear lube
  • Replace fuel/water separator/filter
  • Multi-point engine & prop inspection
  • Courtesy trailer light inspection
  • Courtesy trailer bearing greasing
  • Courtesy vessel inspection
  • Courtesy Quick-Wash

Parts & supplies not included, prices vary depending on your equipment.

Bottom Paint Special (valid through April 30):

10% Off Premium Multi-Season Antifouling Paint:

Our standard bottom paint package for previously painted hulls includes:

  • Lift boat from trailer
  • Clean & Prep hull
  • Tape waterline
  • Prep, tape & prime metals & outdrive below waterline
  • Mask accessories
  • Apply a minimum of 3 coats antifouling hull paint
  • Apply metal compatible paint to underwater metals
  • Courtesy vessel inspection
  • Courtesy Quick-Wash

Additional services extra: i.e. heavily fouled hulls, new hulls (requires prep and prime), multihulls, etc.